After watching MOST of the c word on bbc I player. I have realised that every part of that storey was me in a male form. My attitude, the support from my Wife foremost and my family. 

There were just 3 differences, apart obviously that I am male not female. First of all I don’t have baths because I can’t immerse my PICC line. Secondly I have never been jealous of people enjoying themselves, only the thoughtlessness of some folks who think it’s great to say how well their day is going when we clearly can’t enjoy ours.

Thirdly the relationship she had with her brother, which I do have with my own brother but sadly not my sister. It’s very consuming having Cancer and very difficult to be positive all the time. What happens when the doors shut maybe very different from what people see out and about.

What the film made me realise, is that it’s normal to feel weak, it’s normal to feel like you can’t. Even though after you have had that cry that you brush yourself down and say I can. I WILL ect. The love of good people is priceless when u have Cancer. 

Just remember you can even if you feel you can’t. I mean who on earth decided to put a t after can. Forrest Gump knew about life. It is indeed like a box of chocolates. I can’t stand the coffee ones, but love to share them with someone that does. Cancer is without doubt my chocolate with a coffee filling. 


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