Its now just 1 week before I go into hospital to have my bone marrow transplant. Last night was a great night shared with a couple of friends for my friends 40th few drinks, few games of pool and allot of laughter was the course of the evening. I am one of life’s fortunate people, with friends that love me, people that care. 

I have a loving family, a great wife and live in a nice village outside southport called Hesketh bank. We have an ok house, gardens, sports car, but most of all I know what it’s like to be loved unconditionally. 7 years ago I became tired, very tired. That year whilst approaching 40 was confusing. We moved to this lovely place, the people here are such beautiful people. Kind loving and genuine. But non of them could help me by taking away my pain.

April 1st 2010 we moved here over 5 years ago. By 5th I was having blood tests, 1 month later I was told I had lymphoma (Cancer) and I had weeks to live without treatment. I was at 4a very advanced. making this brief I went on a trial which would help scientists learn from my treatment should I not make it. Now you have to know that my wife (Andie) has lost both her parents early in life to Cancer. How would she cope with this. It involved 12 chemos every 2 weeks called ABVD. The chemo is put in through a canular directly into the blood, with the aim of killing the desease. Nothing was easy about this journey, except loving my wife whom has been given to me as a gift I believe. Gods gift to me, my dear darling Andrea. My rock, and my everything.

I managed to get into remission and the doctors all told me it had gone. (Never once did I believe them) I had hope, but that’s not enough. Now don’t get me wrong I fought like hell for this to go. Our holiday finally came and we were in Morocco for 2 weeks, I will never for get that place. The boys managed to get away with me to to celebrate me ridding my body of this and hoping for many years with my Rock Andie. We bought a Labrador and called her faith. 


As you can see 3 years on she is enjoying loving her mum and dad. 

Recently October 2014 we all (boys) went away again, it was a great 10 days. When I came back I had to go for my routine 3 monthly check up. I had found a swollen lymph node in my neck but was not worried at all. I was even hoping for a 6 month check up for next time. But alas the lump needed checking, 24th Dec 2014 I was on the operating table having it removed. Since then I have had 9 chemos that last a full day, day 1 chemo 9-5 day 2 next day 9-4 and the same again the next day. Actual sickness constant for a week after it then back again 3 weeks later.

  This is what chemo looks like.

I run a group on face book now called Cancer stories (friends)
Please feel free to follow all members progress on here.

Now I find myself 1 week away from going into a room in royal LIVERPOOL hospital to have 6 days and nights of chemo followed by my stem cells being reintroduced to my body. I will be in isolation for 4 weeks which terrifies me, but I will be updating what happens to me everyday.  I only hope all of what we do helps others to get checked early thus helping to save lives.

This is me and my wife 7 years ago. Please share this blog where you can, I will continue to rise and move forward in this battle. Love to you all and thanks for reading Mark.

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