Its a funny old world when you have Cancer. You find two worlds, an honest world where you have genuine friends and family that care. Then there is the cover up world. A world where no one is allowed to appear weak, honesty is not an option because your protecting those around you because you your self ( the Cancer sufferer ) are trying to protect everyone from the true realities of what dealing with this is like.

When you have had it once you become a bit of a pro at talking about things others want to talk about. Work, dog, children, friendships, anything but the Cancer. You find the true people never want to change who we are and are interested more in your wellbeing as opposed to what you say. 

These people are hard to find, diamonds you might say. It’s funny how 2 of those people who I trust completely are school friends. The place I hated has revealed diamonds in the sand so to speak. Paul benson and Daniel Clydeburn.

Texts become bland to reply to, “how are you doing” is the no1 sentence to get on your nerves. How many times an I gonna have to cut n paste the same answer. But inside all you want to say is… Well I guess u can guess. All you need is to talk with someone that can empathise with you. Someone that knows and understands and will laugh with you at the fact I sometimes need to use a stick. Laugh that I fell over on the baked bean Isle.  Someone that will lie with you in the mud when u fall over walking the dog. Someone that understands how dizzy we get, someone that knows that pooing your pants is normal and won’t make you feel small.  That person is called “my wife”  Cancer is really rough and makes you say and be a different way with some people. 

Cancer stories is not like that because we all understand each other.

We know what it’s like for the most part, we know how hard chemo is. We know the thoughts and feelings we have to deal with. Opening Cancer stories is like coming home to me. A place where no one will judge you, a place where we all know the tribulations we all face.

Tuesday today and a week today I will be on the chemo pump once again, hopefully for the last time. I am sure as those 6 days and nights of chemo hit my body I shall go through allot of different feelings and emotions. But why me will not be one of them. Rather get it done so others can be helped along the way. I will NOT give up, I will whole heartedly remain where I need to be in that room for the 4 weeks. My body maybe weak but my mind will always be strong. 

We are all strong beings made stronger by the human kindness all around us. Please don’t forget to make someone smile today. U won’t know what they are facing today. But a smile could make their day.


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