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#fonzandcancerwhen faced with any uncertainty, a journey of any kind. We try to imagine what it will be like. In my normal life I love to walk down the gardens with a brew watching the fish in the stream. Looking at the plants and trees and tending them. I love to feel the outside air on my skin and have fun with Faith my dog outside. She loves to run after the ball in the garden. She smiles when she is with me. 


Last time I had Cancer I had an extension built and me and a couple of friends made a stream at the bottom of the garden which is now stocked with fish.  


These things that are freely enjoyed will be a thing of the past for a short while. A bone marrow transplant demands that your immune system is taken to the point when you actually have no defence what so ever from germs or infection. The room has your very own air conditioning which is not connected anywhere else. Your only danger is your own bacteria whilst in there apart from visitors. From my side I feel it best to not have visitors as every person highers the risk of infection whilst in there. 

I have had to put lots of things in place to go in, things to look forward to. Like getting my car up to scratch so we can enjoy driving it when I get out. I think it’s of great importance to keep a positive mind set, for that there is a group I am in called Cancer stories ( friends ) 

People there have had some experience of Cancer wether a sufferer or a loved one that is fighting or has passed because of it. There is a very real chance I may die in that room. Scary prospect in its self. I however don’t have that at the forefront of my mind. What is at the forefront is to publicise my journey daily with pictures and words. Some days there will be laughter, some tears some pain, and some that are sick days that are written off.

In there I will have pictures given to me by family which I will work through remembering lots of positive times with family and friends. Time in there is to keep your mind positive not allowing any negative thoughts into your mind. Of course it’s important to have real friends on your side. We have allot of new friends from this journey, people that empathise. People that know what it’s like to be in this situation. 

All I hope is that there are people out there that will be encouraged by this story, this journey, and all that we will face in there. I say we my wife and best friend is by my side through all of this. Please feel free to follow my personal story. Have a great weekend.



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Cancer stories (people helping people through experience) 

It’s a group where people’s experiences are used to encourage others. 

Everything you read are based on my own experience and my own opinions. I express them here to encourage you. Please share with others, if it meant something to you it will to someone else. All images are from a Google search. Or my own.

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