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It’s the simple things we all take for granted. A smile from a person you care about, a hug from someone you love. These are simple things, but are they. I am not so sure I think happiness is the meaning of living. Today I saw my mum and dad, the hug my dad gave me warmed me inside. Mainly because I will be in isolation soon. But also because during chemo we have not had a simple hug, to see my dads face light up like that was the most amazing feeling.
Cancer stories (friends)Touching someone’s heart is a real privilege. Love is a gift given without condition. The word family, what does that really mean. Well I am certainly not going to google it, or ask my wife who seems to know more than google. I will give you my opinion on the subject.
Forgiveness I truly believe is the key to being in a family. It’s oh so easy to remember the bad things about our upbringing, but why is it harder to recall all the pleasant stuff. Well having Cancer certainly makes you want to take a rain check on anything that’s negative. You realise life is a gift and so is your family. A hug, a squeeze of a hand is so precious from someone that loves you.
The realisation that family means together, although sometimes life gets in the way our families are there for us no matter what. We don’t know how long we will have each other for but sharing time and laughter, even tears is what acceptance in a family is all about. I have friends I regard as family because they just accept me/us for who we are. People that are family don’t want to change you they accept you. Even if this is not the case in your own experience there is nothing stopping us from setting the bench mark and forgiving any wrongs we feel we’re against us.
Forgives brings freedom, cleans our minds and helps us to move on with our heads held high knowing we have done our best. Because your best is all anyone expect of you. Giving is essential, to not expect anything in return is priceless.
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I thank you for all your input, if your not you probably have no experience of dealing with Cancer. You are 1 of the lucky, or fortunate ones. Gives you even more reason to be grateful for all you have.
I hope you have had a great weekend. Sending you positive vibes. Mark