Saying goodbye.

Weird old day today, went and met up with a dear friend today who we love very much. We enjoyed time and shared a hug, I then went on to visit 2 other families to say bye. Then to the pet shop and finally to to see our friends at the local shop. Now I am not thinking I won’t make it going in that room. But it is at the back of my mind, funny people who I thought would be there are not, and people I never thought would be are. I just wish people could be completely honest and tell me they don’t know what to say as opposed to saying nothing at all.
I tell you what it feels like, it’s like this is the end of the me I am today. That I Mark will not be in that room, but someone else. The person that leaves that room and comes home will be a new me that I don’t know yet. Still it’s pool night tonight n my best friends are coming here to share food and laughter.
My wife taught the dog (faith) a new trick today. She gets it right every time. Snap a biscuit and get her to touch the hand it’s in. Very impressive. Sending love to you all where ever you are. Mark