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woke up this morning knew we had to go to to hospital to have my 7 days attached to a drip which is where I am right now. laid in bed having a chemo that will hurt my body, to hopefully make it better.

The only way I can think of relaying it right now is the green mile. My wife loves me soooo v much, she passionately, and whole heartedly loves her husband and it is really beautiful to feel. And very nice to watch her careing nature. She treats me like nothing else matters in the world except for me. Delaquar Mr jangles cell mate looked after Mr Jangles to the best of his ability, until that fateful day when evil ended Mr jangles life. That’s what this isolation is like. It’s like someone has ended my life as I know it. Like I am not real, life’s on hold and I am dead… Just like when the prison officer stood on the mouse and killed it. I never asked for Cancer, It just came along one day and crushed my life slowly. 

However John koffee asked for the mouse to be given to him, the massive giant man in the story was so gentle and used so much of himself to help the mouse to muster the strength to live again. This is like chemo, the chemo whilst very intrusive and painful. Is just a very cruel way of helping someone with Cancer to survive. Sometimes in life we come across a situation like Cancer. It’s not how we feel it’s how we respond that counts.