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I am quickly learning whilst having spent 2 days in isolation that the journey is just not possible. The thought of being alone, the reality of being alone is so mountainous. It’s not a place where any human can be, and mentally your mind gets used in ways you have never used it before. See memories are a wonderful thing, love is a beautiful thing. Friendship, laughter, encouragement. These are all gifts, they are purposeful and meaningful. These are the things that we hold on to, the fact many have trodden this journey of bone marrow transplant before me gives you hope. The feelings of helplessness disappear to a degree.
The reality is though, that giving to others makes us stronger NOT weaker as the world would have us believe. Loving other people because you can is an amazing and most beautiful thing. It becomes unconditional, and a need to love others.
You see we ALL without exception have a heart beat, we all have the ability to be able to encourage others. Nobody can’t, we all can. The word can is liberating. I CAN is an amazing word when faced with impossible. It’s a way that frees your mind from your impossible journey and makes it possible.

We can all muster up reasons to not even try but as Michael Jordan says.



Surround yourself with people that say Can allot. Be around people that say I WILL. Rather than its to hard or I am to weak. It’s complete and utter rubbish. YOU, right now, yes you. Can be anything you want to be. Stop looking around at others success. You have your own destiny in your hands right now, the key is giving not taking. Although it’s great to take others to a positive place.
Yesterday I asked my wife to take lots of pictures of me holding up cards of people that love me, people that care and I told them I am doing this for them. 


You can do anything and be what ever you want to be right now. You can do it. You WILL achieve it just make the first step.
Walking through the doors to this room was impossible, the first day was impossible. But it’s done now and somehow it’s been made possible. Just DO IT! Sending you love today as I fight again to get rid of my Cancer.