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Destiny finding yourself.

All I say are my opinions based on my experiences. I mean to say who knows who we are, do others really know. I don’t think many of us actually want to talk about you, it’s themselves they are interested in. It’s something I try everyday to avoid talking about myself. Although in isolation you find many of the nurses really do care and it is about saving my life so I invariably do become the topic of conversation. Although I always like to ask how others are feeling. Ask about their lives children ect. When we do this we become close to people they begin to like us. A person who I always considered a friend told me yesterday that she thought I was quite sharp tonged and hurt people with my words. She apologised to me yesterday which I will do for her today also.
Forgiveness and trust are the 2 most important things in a person. It’s very humbling when we feel that we are being treated well and given to even without us giving back.
So how do we find ourselves, so many of us spend our lives doing things to please others, instead of having a goal and striving to obtain it. Before I met my lovely wife I was a crazy guy, bed hopping and never wanting to commit to anyone leaving a destructive trail of broken hearts behind me.
I had a home a Audi Quattro turbo lots of nice things but a broken marriage and a broken heart. I did not love people fully, I allowed myself to be destructive sometimes far to aggressive.
It was only when I travelled Australia I found the meaning of life, that it was not about me. I cry typing because if only I had realised what the key to my destiny was.
I believe what ever route you take in life your destiny is written in stone and you cannot escape what you will be. To live a life of love is better than a life spent running from yourself. When we accept who we are only then will we notice the flowers, and the beauty in people.
Be interested in others positive journeys, don’t take ownership of the negative journeys people are on but embrace them and listen. It’s an amazing thing human kindness, I can’t leave this room for a month. But you are out there loving and listening to others. Give from your heart today, don’t take from your head. You will have a great day as you start to find your destiny. Tomorrow I will tell you of my journey across Australia and New Zealand as I found out more about who I was to become. Bless someone today.


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