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Today is my new second birthday, why. Because for 7 years I have fought tooth and nail to get here. 8 teeth pulled out 28 days of gruelling chemo. Sickness, aweful tiredness weakness, fatigue, and feelings of hate towards the c word constantly. This has encouraged me to start the group Cancer stories before I got Cancer for the second time. Now in isolation about to have the cells cleaned of Cancer put back into my body to make me Cancer free.

Now I ain’t saying the next weeks will be easy it won’t  I will get ill possibly v I’ll in the next weeks but it’s the just the cruel way Cancer is. I am very upbeat today and am overjoyed at all the messages I am getting on https://www.facebook.com/groups/1595998743956536 join in the fun become part of it if Cancer has touched your life in some way. 

Iive your life!!


Win what ever fight you have to win and never ever give up. It’s yours to win.