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In isolation kicking cancers butt is a pretty daunting thing to attack, your mind gets used in ways you have never had to use it before. I find myself at times closing my eyes and drifting off to places I have loved with my wife, friends and family. Going to holiday locations in my mind, places where I felt happy and not sad. The day I picked our Labrador up Faith. Remembering how much of a blessing she is and has been to us. You see for me, I have not had Cancer once, I have had it twice. Endured 3 periods of intensive chemotheropy consisting of 30 days of actual chemo. 

Now I don’t say this to make you feel in anyway sorry for me, quite the opposite. I want to encourage you that what you experience is not always going to drag you to the bottom of despair. The sweet is never the sweet without the sour. Our minds are very powerful and we have no clue just how powerful until we are in a situation that demands that power. The love of good people, the hand stretched out to help you UP not to pull you over. This is how we all need to be to make the world a better place. 

Be encouraged today and find someone to encourage, even a smile brightens up someone’s day. A lovely comment is a gift that can be remembered forever. Stretch your mind, fill it with love and dismiss all that the world would have you think as negative. We are born to love not to hate, I only hope this has made the start of your day nice. For me doing something nice from this 15ft x12 ft room fills me with joy. Sending you hope and love today.




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