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Isolation continues.
It’s now day + 3 since my cleaned CANCER FREE cells went back into my body. I am full of strength (as normal) but feel weak. It’s not a can’t be bothered weak like when you have had to much to drink the night before. It’s a weakness that I feel because of the amount of punishment my body has had to endure and I guess as my blood continues to drop to 0.00 it will progressively feel worse. Kidneys are sore and so is my mouth that’s full of ulcers, and it’s painful to eat but tea is very soothing.
That has no effect on my attitude what so ever though, the strong positive words people have said and given to me help me to as my uncle said some time ago. To look at the light at the end of the tunnel and not look back, he was and is right and I have done this everyday whilst in here. 4 more days and I will start my road to recovery, how amazing is that! A tear rolls as I write because the the love of Gods people and the spirit of God (I believe) has protected me in this potentially difficult and dangerous situation. I am not religious although I believe GOD is with me, and I believe Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins. 
4 more days is nothing compared to the 7 yr fight we (family) have had whilst we have faced this together as 1 unit. 
is now my extended family and the support from this group means so much to so many people.
We stand together and believe in the power of unity, for where there is unity GOD commands a blessing. I believe that with all my heart and am not going through all this to not encourage and help others to lift their spirits in similar situations. 
Be the best you can be today, yes turn to see where you have been but keep focused on the light. Because as my dear friend keeps telling me, when I stand out in that fresh air a new journey will begin.

Have a great day.



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