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The power of forgiveness
In life there are many hurdles, some are quite nice and are not an endurance others are a real struggle. Most however require honesty, mostly with yourself. You see if your happy with who you are, you more often than not make the right choices. The only thing we can’t do is make other people’s for them.

We have to learn to accept people for who they are, which I find real hard as my standards in people are so great. I won’t settle for second best, I won’t stand for wishy washy people, that have self richeous opinions. But what I do try to be is honest with all people, which gets me into trouble sometimes. 
Who is right, I am open to opinions. One thing I am very aware of is that forgiveness sets others free and no matter what I think or what my opinion is, it’s my obligation to help others be at peace. 

Oh I know it’s hard to hold out an olive branch, because some folk crush the olives and run off with the olive oil. Whilst in this small box I have had hundreds literally of people communicating with me sending me love and best wishes, funny though how some you think will be there think that I am so strong I don’t need them.
The love of good people is amazing. Riches are not found in gold they are found in your heart. By giving to others you don’t empty yourself of you. You find you just get stronger and stronger. 

That was the major mistake I made last time I had Cancer. I shut myself in a room did my chemo and went home every time what a waste that was.. I feel so angry with myself that I did that, the offshoot or benefit. I guess is that I have whole heartedly thrown myself at CS 
It’s grown so big I struggle to keep up to date and has become a full time job quite literally. Passing the ball from person to person as the time difference changes so there is always someone there to help or encourage. It’s an amazing gift to share with folk hope, love and compassion. God our maker helps us be who we are, all we have to do is reach out and just LET. It’s been my hardest lesson to learn of my life. But now at 46 isolated in hospital with Cancer I get it. To late? No way it’s never to late.
I pray this prayer, “God use me to bless others” I hope you do to.