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The silver back
In my opinion, a silverback has an amazing attitude. It’s a nick name I have had for some time. You see a silverback does not sit and contemplate. A silver back is a go getter, an animal that lets nothing stop him from achieving his goal. They are the Dodge Charger or TVR or a Ferrari of the animal world. They sound amazing as well as being a mountain of power and muscle.

But is that it, is that all that’s in the armoury of a silver back. I don’t think so, they have an ability to be able to touch gently, and love the little ones in the group of gorillas. 
The silver back is not to be annoyed though, the roar and power must be terrifying to the rest of the group. The smaller gorillas running up trees using their agility to escape the mass of the powerful Gorilla. They beat on their chests as a show of strength. 
I relay all the attributes of the silver back to everyday life, it’s up to us what we choose. We can be the one that has agility and escapes using our speed and stealth or we can be the Tanasious silverback, relentless and never giving up.
It’s like that having Cancer, we have choices. Whilst stuck in this room for 16 days now I have had the choice to leave, run away and give up should I choose to do so. Run up a tree and hide rather than face head on what’s needed to be done, to beat this small spineless disease. They call Cancer.
I have chosen to adopt the silverback attitude though, because not only do they have the drive and belief that they WILL win. They make sure they do. Never ever doubting what they are capable of.
I have been given a strength from God that I never ever doubt, I will not give up and I WILL win. Don’t let what ever it is stand in your way, make it happen. Stop talking and start doing.

Adopt the silverback mind set and achieve your goals, don’t be that person that’s says ” well I could have” be the person that says “I will do”
You still reading? Have a great silver back day.