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This blog is about our dog, female called Faith. This is her.

The story leading up to buying Faith was quite a sad journey as I was so very close to death. I had to conquer stage 4a Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  I had been given weeks to live, months at best I may have seen Christmas and it was May 2011 when I was diagnosed. We were newly married crazy in love and passionate. We had just moved to our beautiful home in the country life was perfect.right up until that day I sat in front of the consultant, along with a student nurse and a few others in the room. I was in the chair holding a Nike cap with “just do it” written on it. The next moments changed us and our lives forever. The words “you have Cancer” are all I heard that day.

Faith was not even born then, but as I progressed through the horrendous process I had to have Faith, to believe I would win. To believe I would survive. Have Faith in myself and those around me for support. Faith in God that I would be made whole again. Life can be a tough old journey, people that were life long friends stopped talking to me, the same has happened again this time whilst fighting it. Sentences like “Iam here for you” are useless. “You know where we are” “chin up” just a few that are said by people that have quite obviously never had this amount of trauma. It’s not their fault, but not communicating with a Cancer suffer is just unforgivable and irritreavable. 

You find yourself in a lonely barren place, a place where each day is stepping into darkness. You quite literally have to have faith. Not like you do when you sit on a chair, believing it will hold you, when you sit on it. It’s like stepping into darkness without a torch. You need people around you, but you can’t cry out because your in the darkness. You forget who you have spoken to, forget what you need to do. You quite literally loose your mind. Your focus, and quite literally your life for a time.

You dig in so hard and achieve more than you ever thought you could.

So on getting into remission, I told My wife i wanted a dog. My brother already had a choc lab and I was very keen to have a lab. We agreed and we went to see our now friends, there was a few of them 8 in all. Here are some pix



Faith was the only puppy that seemed to have a mind of her own and an independence from the rest. An adventurer. She was a girl and this was the first time she saw her dad.

Why am I telling you all this, well it’s to encourage you really. If your thinking you should be supporting a Cancer sufferer then you really should. It’s not what you say, it’s what you do for a suffer that matters. We can’t waste our time with people that can’t be bothered we have to much to contend with. Our bodies riddled, our minds full of horrible things, and thoughts. The word is “love” them through it. They will not make right choices whilst having chemo it’s down to you to make the difference. 

We are fortunate to not only have actual Faith but true Faith as well. What I share with you is part of a journey that has made me who I am today. Have faith and step out into the darkness there is always an angel with if you have faith.



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