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So, it’s a glorious sunny day here looking out over the river Mersey from my executive box. A place I want to forget about. Hopefully this will be the week when I go back to my family (a tear rolls) don’t get your hopes up Mark what will be will be. It’s that  I am working towards, the dream of feeling my wife’s skin next to mine having beaten death. Being in the same room as my dog Faith. Hugging my family, my dear friends who have been there for me. Oh and our new friends replacing old ones that seem to have nothing to say.

I have been having nightmares in here, so what I do is replace them in the morning with dreams like this. 


And this

You may have other dreams, seeing your grandchild. Going on holidays, riding a yacht in the med. going to a F1 Grand Prix. 

If we bring F1 into the mix it’s not just the watching I would like to do I dream of doing a circuit with one of the British drivers Lewis or Jenson (we have a cat named after Jenson) I dream of meeting people in the know. Chatting to Nigel about that terrible yr that he should have won, the fierce rivalry between piquet and mansel.

I dream of a garage like this, a man cave full of eye candy. I believe this. It’s very simple.

“If you don’t have a dream, how can we make one come true.” There is only 1 stumbling block in the way of it. YOU. ME. It’s not about how far out of reach it is that’s you, telling yourself that. YOU can be what ever you want to be. You CAN achieve your goals. 

Don’t be the person that says “that’s a good idea” then does nothing but put on coronation street or some other time stealing programme on tv.

Be that person that stands up moving the chair backwards in the motion of standing. Then doing, it’s so easy to come up with excuses. Statements like “i am set in my ways now” bull n you know it. “It’s to much hassle” if it was easy everybody would be doing it. 

“I am happy with my life” if that’s the case you should never say things like “if only” “I wish” “could really do with” I am overjoyed for you if you are happy with your life. 

I truly am happy with who I am, happy I have done all I can to sustain my life. Happy with my wife, life and looking to find people that will inspire me to affect others lives. Helping them not only to achieve what they strive for but also, to believe they have the fight within them to beat Cancer also.

This is a friend of mines a vintage racing driver. ‘Peter candy’ Google him he is amazing also a courageous man that has had his own fights as well. I love that man, because of his passionate nature.

Don’t hold back on your dreams, you have been given the gift of life. Use it, don’t waste it. Get out there and have some amazing times. Concentrate on siezing your day. 

What your still on the sofa? I have had and am still doing, having the fight of my life. I WILL win. There is no way I can lose. Because negatives are booted out if they even try to enter my head.

Be content of course, but make your dream a reality what ever it is. My immidiate goal is to beat this desease. 

If I can you can, now go on make it happen. Just make it happen. Mark