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I have tried to stay away whilst in isolation from my  Cancer journey in here and what hell I have been through, I still am going to do that. My life is not about Cancer it’s about me, us. Who we are together that defines us. The friends we choose that become our family. You can generally tell if someone loves you just by how they respond to you, support you. How they are around you. I see it like this if you don’t have to hide the real you, you speak how you speak to them. Then you are talking to a friend, if you have to adjust who you are then your not with a friend.

This is what true friendship looks like. 

Although this is family, I believe all friendships are the family we choose. All the way through this journey of isolation I have looked at this picture more than once a day. We will do the same again 1 day, if you can’t be yourself you have the wrong mates in my opinion.

So now it’s release time, I will have my hicc line removed today, and be given discharge advice and leave the safety of isolation. I think this picture explains what’s about to happen.

These boats are safer in the harbour but just out of sight is the  big ocean, it’s a mixture of emotions leaving here. You have been safe here but I am about to leave hospital and go home where I will be safe also. I don’t have to go to that sea but there will come a time when I will. I am not fearful, I have done all I can to beat this flushing my bones with chemo, and giving myself a chance at life. 

Ticking off some things I want to do with this new life I have been given. I will dedicate my life to encouraging others. Helping others that want help. Whilst also doing the things I have dreamt of. I will aim to fulfull goals and ambitions.

Be taken around a track in an F1 car for instance, doing some track days. Maybe building my dream kit car an ac cobra. Or buying one already made.   

I will do more with my mum and dad, my family and friends. I will give more of my time to my wife and start living a more balanced life. But most of all I am going to be me. I will not waste my time with wallowers, people that moan about where someone parks their car.  

I am gonna live and love to the best of my ability. I hope you do to. 

This song was dedicated to me by a dear friend before I came in. I have it on repeat today