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Today, is Friday just a normal day you may think. Well to some yes, for us we will be at hospital again having my bloods taken in LIVERPOOL. The place where many would think was a dark place for us, a place where we experienced hurt and pain. But you know me I always flip it around on its head. Hurt can possess us, it can destroy our day, or we can use it for our benifit, it’s our choice really. We decide how we cope with it, not the pain. I mean to say, our attudue to it can change the whole way it effects and impacts our bodies. 

Remember this picture, I was having a real bad day that day. But I turned it around by doing something quite literally for you. You see for me giving and the benefits that come with giving far out weigh the the benefits of taking. Givers are happier, givers that don’t count the cost are like warriors on the front line.  There will be someone at work that maybe makes your blood boil. Be nice to them, Jesus teaches us that a gentle answer turns away wrath. I make no apology for the comparasum I am about to make if your not an F1 fan.

Lewis Hamilton, and the Monaco GP. Lewis was instructed by the team to pit (relate it to your own job) when the safety car came out. Lewis’s attitude was what stopped any attempted negativity. Lewis was far out in the lead and to have enough time yo be able to pit and come out in front is nearly impossible. But the team thought Lewis could do it. He came out behind the Ferrari driver and effectively finished 3rd when 1st was in the bag.

The maturatity of Lewis Hamilton was and is stagering, he was so dissapionted you could see it on his face, but he shunned all the negativity away keeping focused. All winners do that in any situation. Keeping focused on the goal that they have set for themselves. His positive goal was to rise, to not let what was going on in others heads affect him. Rather it made him more determined than ever gaining the respect of thousands. 

It’s only the same in our lives, we give respect to others and talk quietly how can someone be angry. It’s us that destroys the negativity around any given situation. 

So what will you do? Let your battle win or overcome it today?


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