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Good morning, today I want to tell you of an experience that I had as a boy. My dad was a minister at portslade baptist church near Brighton. I still remember going to the beech at what seemed like  stupid early o’clock. I can take myself away in my mind, I can smell the bacon cooking mixed with the salty air. The sea crashing into the wind breakers. My brother would have been 2or 3 and I was 5-6.  i remember racing my dad across the field behind our house. I also remember never winning, I would always think I had a chance at winning though and I never gave up not ever. 

It’s funny how you can look back at being a child, and see how you still adopt those same attitudes in later life. Richard Branson likes to see himself as the man that, says yes to new ideas. His latest plane having a glass floor, not so sure about that one but it’s certainly different. I love people that are different.  The man from del monte likes to say yes. We as people love people that say yes, but how many of us respond negatively being put in a negative situation. 

“The strongest minds rise in adversity, and enjoy the good times” author Mark Blackwell 

There are words that I am omiting from my daily launguage. Like can’t is replaced with can. Trying with am. Don’t with will. When you start to do this. You become free, even whilst in isolation I felt some moments of freedom.  I am determined to be a better man today than I was yesterday.

You can be, you will be, I have a can do attitude. People are drawn to positive people. How many times have you been asked “Hi how are you” ? And thought, if I tell you you won’t be interested. It’s sad how as humans given 2 ears we don’t listen twice as much as we speak.  Trust me, it’s something I am doing these days listening more than I speak. 

Will you try or adopt this attitude. It’s your choice to make. 

Make it happen.