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Good morning,  today I want to talk with you of the importance of rest. Even God our creator had a rest day when he created the earth. That day is today, Sunday. It can be anyday that fits around your work schedule as long as you do. It’s a day when we can look all around us and see what has been created for us to enjoy. A day where we have time with family, sharing love and wholesome banter with those that we love. All to often we get caught up in the tapestry of life and keep striving for more.  

Sometimes when I have real bad days and I can’t walk I sit outside throwing the ball for our dog “Faith” and I hope to hear families outside enjoying each other, laughing and treasuring just being together. It’s all children wasn’t is time, but yet we find it so hard to give to those we love. 

Myself and Andie have adopted us time. A time where we shut our tablets, our phones get ignored. Our lives get put on hold while we remember why we said our wedding vows and why we are together. We hold hands squeeze each other and do something like walk down the garden together. The after effects of chemo 30 days in total, have had an impact on my body. I don’t know how it keeps bouncing back, above that I amaze myself at how positively I can overcome things in life these days.

Don’t get me wrong I get moody when the pain levels are high, Andie just makes sure I have pain killers when I am like that and we carry on.  


I just hope for you that you are able to just look around you, and take in the breathtaking world that is all around us. The beauty that’s there for us all to see. The loving smiles from our families given so innocently. Also that you can see the awesomeness in our fellow human beings. Life (I know allot about keeping my life) is amazing. Have an exsperience this Sunday and stop and take in what you have all around you free of charge. The beutiful chorus of the birds, the noise trees make in the wind. We are surrounded by beauty,  I really hope you are able to do that today with me. 

You may not see a robin like this, but I hope you get to just take in the beauty that is all around us. I hope above all hope you are able to share that with someone you love.


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