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Good morning, I want to talk with you today about opportunity. Also my Cancer journey.

You see every morning we are given a gift, we don’t know it because the miriacle of morning happens everyday. We wake up to the beautiful chorus of the birds singing for us. Trust me I hear them loud and clear these days. They are telling us of the miriacle of what we don’t even appreciate. The thing we all take for granted, that oh so special gift that we call life.

I was talking with my wife this morning, discussing how she felt having to see me in that room. Going through the cruel process that they named ” treatment” only those that have been in room having chemo will truly know. But I guess some prisoners may have had some of the emotion you feel whilst in there. I was transported in my mind to our friend Deanna’s side this morning. The compassion I felt was overwhelming, you don’t feel those feelings unless you have been there and allot (well most) men will not speak of the weakness felt in that room.

My faith in the unseen was huge in there, believing in what I can’t see. Just imagine for a moment being blind, and every step you take you have to trust in someone or a dogs eyes for direction. That’s called faith.

You see my wife’s parents, (I weep) had no opportunity of treatment. They had no chances given to them only the fact that they were going to die. Her dad had 6 months her mum less than 24 hours after being admitted she was gone.  I will never forget that terrible day.

Although beam is a horrible and cruel, even inhumain process. It’s treatment aiming for cure all the same, yes of course people die with what I have but I had a treatment option. I was given a chance at life. 18 months or many years with my wife, family and friends who are family I have chosen.

Oh how wonderful life is, this is for you to listen to. Made by Elton – he called it “your song” So I send it to you from me. Listen to it whilst reading the rest of this.


As I look around each day I thank God I am alive, I am so thankful that I can get up and encourage you with my heart felt words. It’s my gift from me to you the reader. Everyday I can I WILL… I will not tire, i will not give up. Life is wonderful with you in it. You are amazing, you have breath, you have another day in front of you. Now what’s more amazing than that really…  Because if there is a car, a house or anything created by man that is more amazing than the gift of life. Please enhance my lack of knowledge, because I need to know.

YOU are quite literally a miriacle, you have the ability to do what you want, either for yourself or for others. I choose to live to give. Why, because I have faced losing my life twice, so I have died to self again and risen. I stand in the knowledge that I live because God wants me alive, and he wants you to. 

Life is oh so precious, don’t waste it in front of a screen.  Live this amazing thing we call life to the best of your ability. Don’t let another yr pass and you choose fags over a holiday. Just explore this amazing planet. I will tell you all of my journey across Australia and New Zealand one day.

Well sorry I am late with it today, sleep is my healing friend at the moment. I hope you enjoy waking up tomorrow, and see the world as a different opportunity. What you read is my gift to you, so therefore it’s your gift to others when you share it. I hope you are able to pass this gift on to others today, let’s make tomorrow morning a special morning for everyone. Your alive.