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Good morning, I hope this finds you well if not I am pleased. “Your thinking now arnt you” all will be revealed. You see, in life if that’s what you call it, some call it a journey which of course that’s is exactly what life is. We see and exsperience lots of things and emotions as our age and experiences change. Our taste buds change and our bodies develop strength and we develop our abilities to be able to use our minds as well as our bodies.

We as children know no wrong, we learn what wrong is and seemingly know what’s right from the word go. (I am not a parent) but I was a child.  Children love sweet things, but of course that’s because it’s nice. And something our bodies were not created to consume. Unless it’s fruit, and anything that has natural sweetness in it.

I know 1 thing and that is that it’s not the situation your facing, it’s how we deal with it that matters. How can we even know that something is sweet unless we have tasted what the sour tastes like. Isn’t it the same in life? That situation with a work colleague, you were best friends but now there is just nastiness. Really why? Your tasting the sour but yet you know what the sweet tastes like. So why not do something sweet for the person anyway. Just love them anyway. I know the person I am thinking of that I should do that with. I will have to eat my own words on this one I think. 

So to the point, in my life I have known much heart ache, I have also been blessed with a wonderful wife, a nice roof over my head and even a little toy car that I will drive on sunny days. So for me I know what the sweet and the sour is like. My x wife was seriously injured in a bomb blast, my now wife faced losing her life 2 weeks into our marriage, I have faced losing mine twice. That’s aside of all the visits to hospital for broken bones growing up. 

So I know as I am sure you do. I was talking to someone yesterday let’s call this person “sweet” sweet was telling me how suicidal, how low and at wits end sweet had become. Sweet went on to tell me how reading these blogs daily has helped sweet to refocus on life and the things that really matter.  Wow how cool is that that by me sharing what on my mind (God given)  that my exsperiences could affect someone in such a way that they choose life. Life did you hear that. How happy I feel that 1 person on this planet has been affected positively by this daily blogs I write.

I know you are thinking right now and I have no idea what you are thinking, but be pleased you have exsperienced  the sour in what ever form, because only then can we really know what the sweet really tastes like. I love writing these blogs (as the world calls them) I love it because it’s helped 1 person choose life.  

Whilst in those dark places Cancer takes you, I was able to take myself off in my mind to the days I travelled across Australia and New Zealand. It’s to much to tell you of in a blog about the sweetness I exsperiences whilst drifting through the desert in 44 degree heat, listening to enigma on the MP3 player rigged up through the tape player on my old estate car. Man how glad I was to have had those exsperiences in my life. As sweet said     to me yesterday I am not gonna have lived my life with regrets. I am going to do the things I want to do in my life.

We all have battles everyday, some are huge some we think are big but not so really, just something we call life. In living this thing we call life we need to rest and look around at what’s sweet, instead of focusing on the sour. Does it really matter,  do what does matter. Love who matters to you, hug them and wish them well. Look at your children and tell them you love them with your whole heart. Love who you love with all you have, never forgetting the sour. Because if it was not for the sour we would never have know how sweet life could really be.

Please share this if it means something to you, because you don’t know who else will like it… Or love it even.