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Good morning,  I have woken up on the settee, So knowing I over did it yesterday I hope when I climb the wooden hill I will sleep again. But for now, I want to encourage you, to press on up that mountain. To focus on your next few steps as apposed to the massiveness of the mountain that’s yours to climb. Believe in yourself, know that you are the most amazing person that you have ever been, and tomorrow you will be more amazing than you were today. You will have learnt more, be able to inspire more. You are the most amazing person alive. You have to believe that though. Only You can have the faith you need. Only you can reach out your hand when you know you can’t make it alone. 

The help you need is everywhere, God is omnipresent, he uses people to help us on our way. He is bound by us asking, that’s the true reality. If we don’t ask how can a prayer be answered.  I am so thankful I am able to speak to you like this daily,  me and Andie have faced so much together there has to be a reason we were chosen for this journey. 

Jesus I pray this prayer ” use us to your glory,  use us to help change others lives in a positive way. Help me be humble and humbled as you show us the way” in Jesus name.

Our path is laid out before us, we are willing to walk were we have never walked before. We are willing to step forwards as opposeded to the easy option of making no steps at all. I am so thankful for new life, a new day, a new sunrise. Today has so many opertunities. I only hope you choose the ones with life in them. Your life is yours to run, yours to walk and yours to win.  Only you can get up and make the steps forwards

I saw the look on a friends face as he showed me around his new place, that he has worked his whole life to achieve taking his whole family with him. You can achieve amazing things. You have just gotta keep moving forwards, being selfless and giving a little along the way. These people are called winners, winners never lose because they look for the good. They leave the garbage where it is and move forwards the view from the top is great.

I hope you get to see the view to.