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morning, just a taster of my travelling exsperience. I will never forget that day in October 2003 when I had put all my things into storage. And I was seemingly sat next to the super cars at Manchester airport. With my rucksack between my legs. The house, was sold. I was effectively homeless, but I was not scared at all just keen to live my adventure that would take me to the other side of the planet. 

I knew I needed to find the deep inner me, a me that I loved. A me that someone else could love to. I set out really with my Andie in my mind although I had no idea that was who I would find just a few short miles from the airport that I flew from 7 months later. 

I remember landing in Perth anticipating having a blast with the person I was about to meet. Fish, he picked me up from the airport he said in his mail, I will be the bald short guy with a villa shirt on.  The first sign I saw was onthe back of a 4×4 “foster we export that s…t they do because I could not find anywhere that sold it..

Anyway the point of all this, is yet again to encourage you, that even though what you dream of doing may take effort and sacrifice. To be quite honest if you don’t have to make either of the above the chances are it’s not worth having. Travelling Oz and New Zealand was the best thing I ever did. I found myself. I found out what was real important to me. I found me, the me I liked, the me that was happy to be with me.. Does that make sense? 

I remember finding places that are still only in my mind, I remember running into the sea naked and how good it felt. The feeling of complete and utter freedom. Maybe you don’t want that picture in your mind but I was a fairly good looking 34yr old man prob in my prime of my life. I met many people on my travelles, travelled with many people in my car. Shared many many amazing moments, from tree top walks to caveing in a glow worm cave. With no natural light except the glow worms… 

Maybe some of these things I have glanced over I will expand on but for now, I just want you to know that it does not matter what your dream is. The only person standing in the way of that is. You. 

If you have a dream, what ever that is. Make it happen. Will you, make it happen?