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Good morning, I want to talk to you about the window at hospital today, when I was isolated.  one of my favourite places on the planet was a holiday we went on in Morocco. We pulled out all the stops on that one. And although the holiday started from a travel zoo bargain. The only thing cheap about that holiday was the airline we flew in with. I remember Andie dedicating a song by ce Lo green to me on that holiday called “anyway” 

I remember standing in the water as the waves crashed down time after time listening to the song. I remember looking back at my wife who was happy reading her book on her hammock. That image became easier and easier to recall as the days went on. You see a window can take you anywhere,  the only thing that stops you is you. When your isolated you have to learn very quickly that your mind can take you anywhere you want it to. The only peramiters are your own. A song can take you away, just like a memory can, but the 2 combined can be so powerful. You can quite literally make your own dream. A window is just that, we can see what ever we like the the other side of that window.  

 I remember how bad it was to not have this skill off to a tea. When I first arrived there, I was scared beyond comprehension, I had given over my life to medicine or so it seemed. I was a frightened scared little boy, I sobbed as I slept, I woke up crying. I found out that I was human and I could get very afraid, more afraid than I could have ever know was possible.

Your body is amazing though, and can achieve what ever you tell it is possible. You just have to believe it’s possible. So “the window” although it was screwed shut I could still take myself off to somewhere different than where I was. I just had to use my mind, believe it’s possible then just drift off there. It became thearoputic, something I did to escape. I started towards the end forgetting what flowers smelt like, and hearing birds tweeting when on the phone to a friend would take me back to my garden. 

It’s amazing what we all take for granted in this life, but isolation has certainly taught me that the simple things in life have so much value. Also that you are stronger, and more versatile than you think you are. Your amazing, more amazing than you proberbly will ever give yourself credit for. I thank God for you, and I thank God that we are given these amazing abilities to go anywhere we like.

Another place I used to go through that window was the Mersey tunnel, this memory has not happened yet. But my wife created it, it became a goal. Something to achieve as our little sports car is in for repair whilst I was, that 1 day we would warble through the Mersey tunnel and out the other side to a place called new Brighton beach in LIVERPOOL. 

I wonder what you will do with your window today?  Let me know what you did with your window today, who where. With? I am sure many of us would love to hear where you went to.

Faith diaries (2) tomorrow.