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Good morning, I know it’s a taboo subject. But I have faced it on a few occasions, I also know what it’s like to survive. I have escaped the worst things in life like loosing my mum and dad, a brother or a sister. Just spare a moment to remember those that are facing losing a loved one, or have lost a loved one. Are you being there for them enough. Are you selfishly sitting there reading this and the person that needs you right now, your not there for. Why because you don’t know what to say. Of course you know what to say, of course you know how to be. You are just being selfish and thinking about you. DONT, people need you, your a necessary part that people need. No stop thinking that your not required your input is invaluable. Your a part of someone’s sanity, someone’s survival, someone’s motivation. You are very important, now you knew that already. Your thinking of someone maybe that needs you. Go to them, hug them look them in the eye and tell them you love them because guess what. Tomorrow never comes, never only today is certain not tomorrow.


I am constantly told at the moment that rest is crucial, there are only 2 people on the planet that can climb in me and know how I feel about that 1 is my brother and the other would not change a thing when he looks out of his window. I wonder if you can say that, that the view from your window you would not change. Well I am fortunate that I am happy with the view I have to. But there are people out there that need you. Your an important cog in someone’s life. 

Enjoy what you do, and stop making excuses for what you don’t do. Reasons are different, I get so frustrated not being able to do, and you are able and you don’t. Please don’t make that decision tomorrow. You have one family, they need you. Sometimes work has to wait whilst you catch up,  but I am sure you will make the right choices. I am alive because I want to be, because I have put all of me into being me. To preserving who I am that I will make a differance. You know what you need to do, so stop the excuses and love those that need you right now. Remember you make a differance, don’t look round it’s you I am talking to. YOU make a differance.

I hope you have a really good day, I also hope that you are able to do the right thing.