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Good morning, this is one of my favourite songs of all time. 

I remember my dad asking me to put some music together of stuff I liked, because hymns are just not my bag unless it’s amazing grace at an England match. For me beauty is not as the song portrays however. Beauty is in someone’s actions, it’s how someone is with another that shows the inner person, thier eyes can quite often show off how a person is feeling, how a person is towards others. I watched part of a programme yesterday that revealed just how much anger some people are carrying around. I am sad to say I was one of those people once, full of garbage and no compassion.


I like to remember how I was,  it’s not how I am today. We are not talking 20 years ago either, allot closer than that maybe even as close as 15 years ago. Just before I went travelling across Australia, if you have the chance and you have it in your heart go travelling. It’s the best thing I ever did and I certainly found the true me. 

I saw this picture yesterday, entitled. God is an Artist. Isn’t it amazing how much Beauty there is all around us. Don’t you wonder why, or how Earth can be so amazing yet the view is never the same twice. Remember yesterday’s title. Well as soon as I read it I went to see my parents, dad wanted to walk the path with me he walked many times, whilst I was in hospital. It was quite emotional as we walked the steps my dad had walked with mum and our dog. In faith believing I would walk out of that hospital. Ironically walking with Faith our dog.

Time for another Faith diaries what do you think.

Faith diaries 2


Dear Mum and Dad,
This picture of me brought tears to my eyes! What a blast from the past! Do you remember me like this? (I don’t!) Then Grandad said the nose wasn’t quite right, so maybe it’s not me after all?? No worries!!

I hope you slept as well as me last night Dad! I didn’t have to wuff once. I have learned though not to jump joyfully onto Grandma when she is in bed. It provokes screams and giggles! They are still learning the rules Dad! When I see them looking at the paper you gave them and trying to click and point, I know I have it all my own way! Grandma is hopeless at clicking by the way.

I had a lovely time in the bluebell wood. Just wished you were there. Kept dropping my ball in the water just so I could get it. I had a swim at one point – great!
I am told I am in season but don’t know what this means. Anyway, Grandma says I am not getting pregnant on her watch and certainly not to a scruffy old poodle – what does she mean? Met a lot of friendly mutts. Some lacked the necessary equipment? (Their owners said!) but great fun playing with the girls.
Love you Dad and Mum. Don’t worry about me! (I have got the best seat in the house!!) Love Faith xx

I hope you are able to see the good in you today. If you can I hope you use it.