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Good morning, apologies for the lateness today. I have to sleep when my body says sleep. .

So today I have woken up remembering all the nurses that have looked after me, the kindness they showed and how very very committed they all were and are with everyone that goes into that hospital for a transplant. They are so passionate about their job, I wish I could name them but I don’t think it’s fair and I may get a bit of a telling off from the ward sister if I did. She would be laughing now if she read this, you see putting me in that room was like caging a lion. I had to convince myself that a lion had a worse deal than I did, as they had years of being caged. Only let out to be hit and jump through hoops of fire.  I had my Andie there every day, and we did things like saying thank you to all the people we could remember that had been there for us. Putting cards up with their names on. Maybe even your name was on it. Here was the post if you missed it.

Thank you

There is a huge amount of people that have supported both me and Andie whilst going through this process. I know you know who you are. If we missed you off I will blame it on chemo brain. Although I have no excuses for Andie.

When I look at life and the deal we have been dealt I guess it would be all to easy to say, negative statement. But I steer well clear of that. Because there is always someone worse off than we are. I mean babies that have not even had a chance at life. People with life long issues that are there no matter what, we have and you have allot to be grateful for. I just rest these days when I see people dragging all that rubbish around with them. Getting angry on the roads. I really try not to make other people’s issues my own these days. After all we have enough to deal with without worrying what others are doing as well. 

All to often we look at the problem though as opposed to just enjoying what we have. We used (well more me) strive for more, bigger house. Better car Ect Ect. Now I have started to enjoy what we have as opposed to striving for the next thing. If we rest and just let God. Life has a different aspect. One of peace, love and fullness, only true love gives us the peace we all yearn. It’s described as Agape in the Bible. Gods perfect love, we don’t have to get all spiritual though it’s a resting place for us anytime we need it. A place we all have, we just have to ask, just ask and it shall be given to you. 

  In loving who you are, you automatically start to love others more. Why because you are not fighting with yourself. If you are happy with you, why would you not be able to love others more freely. If your not happy with who you are there is still a battle that rages before you can reach out to others. I am happy not only with me, but my friends, family and how I am as a person. Although I want to be better tomorrow than I am today
Are you there?  I hope you able to ask, or relax with who you are today. You are more amazing than you will ever know you are. That’s a fact.