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Good morning, still sick in the morning nearly 3 weeks after transplant ah well. Anyway BLT. what does that mean to you. Well for me 10 years ago it meant Bacon lettuce and tomatoe, it still does. I never quite got it though putting veg with bacon just seemed so wrong somehow. Lots of things changed that year, I met Andie, I used to ride a super bike. Namely a Kawasaki 900r ninja. Me n Andie went everywhere on it, I went everywhere on it. I was blissfully unaware of many things in life.. Dangers of riding, they didn’t compute, BLT I did not even know what that meant and that’s the truth. I think it was a city thing, because I had always put eggs with bacon. 

I had been living life on the seat of my pants, I took this picture as I drove across the nulabor to remember what it looked and felt like. The awesomeness of nothing, the exspectancy of the unexpected. My Tango car with Whatsuuuuuup written on the back. My hair shaved as a mo hawk by an extremely old Barbar, and just going with it. That’s how it was back then, you never needed to plan anything because life was my own. Life was a daily exsperience, not a fight. I thought life was amazing and exspected everyday to be amazing.  

Untill the day we moved here, and I started to live a very different life. A life where I became aware of what Cancer meant, what living with Cancer was to be like. Learning how others dealt with it. The first time I got it (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) I treated it like it was nothing, although I got upset and found myself looking at people just carrying on with life. Like I had before, wondering how they would cope if it was them. How would they deal with this thing. It became our lives. It took over like, well erm.. Cancer.

Skipping blissfully over the ins and outs of treatment, I believed I would beat it. Never once was that in doubt, but the point is I never did. It remained with me, I never felt well even though I was told I was in remission. It never felt like it to me. 

It was only after 3 years of so called remission I found out what BMT was to mean, how it would not only change me forever, but my mind set. My expectancy for life, the people that would remain. People you never would think turned their back, as had many so called life long friends previously. You learn who true friends are people like these people. 


People that accept you for who you are, what you have become and what you will be. People like this are hard to find. People you holiday with and enjoy their company relaxed in the knowledge they will take the mickey out of you anyway. We don’t speak about it, it’s natural and excellent in many ways.. There are 4 millionaires in this picture. Because we are rich in life, rich in happiness. We are rich because we know what true friendship means.  
Just like I now know what BMT means. I hope you never truly know what it means, but even though you may not have had one. Please respect anyone that’s had to face this in the life they have. Because you have to choose to face loosing your life to save it.

Enjoy what you have, because Bacon lettuce and tomatoe. Can so easily be BMT so live for today not what will or could be. It’s today that matters, and loving the people in it that matter.

Have a great day.