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Gone are the days of rushing around trying to be in 10 places in a day, we kinda just accept what we have and enjoy what we have. It’s so nice to be in the place where your content, a place where you feel cared for loved and cherished. What could be better than that really. For me my wife has been the 1 person who has been there no matter what. She came into see me everyday, bringing me my coffee from Starbucks with a shot of Kenya, when I was in that room. It really made my mornings, and I looked forward to my coffee everyday. 

  How do you interpret this picture, does it excite you that you could catch such a wave, and surf it. Or (like me) does it remind you of the rat race. All of us heading somewhere, but if we stop we just get swallowed up by the masses that are right behind us. This daily blog that you are reading right now, I am committed to writing everyday for a year. A bit like my buddy who did a picture of himself every day for a year. It drove his wife mad. Here is a link to some of his work. Check it out.

People are awesome and you find out the substance of those people when you go through your own journey.  Today is going to be a great day. Today I will pick Trevor up and tomorrow we will make happen a vision my wife had in hospital. Driving through the Mersey tunnel to Brighton beach in Trevor. Wanna see pictures, if so let me know and I will tag you in the private album. Otherwise you won’t be able to see, see Trevor has been being fixed up whilst I have. It’s gonna be amazing to see that car come out of there. 

  You will be amazed at the differance to how it looks now as opposed to how it looked when I was in hospital. We were both a mess but not doing more than the day we are in was vital to our recovery. Having goals but concentrating on finishing today. So we can see the morning again. Then enjoy the day that morning has given us. I thank God for my life, and all the things we have been given, but most of all I thank God for opening my eyes to see what’s really important. I am sure we I’ll cover lots of topics over the next year. One thing is for certain, there will always be a positive end. Why because there is always the morning of a new day to look forwards to.
Enjoy your Friday.


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