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Morning, every morning when I wake up. I have a subject for my blog,  I don’t have the subject when I go to sleep just when I wake. So this morning I had this advert running around in my head. 

I guess because today’s blog is not about Cancer or what we are facing its about how we deal with it, how we cope. What we do as people in the eye of adversity. What we say, our attitude, our manner. Our approach matters, it really does make a differance in our battle. You see some battles are over before we even have the fight. Why because we have won or lost it in our own minds. Its our choice how we face today. Its our choice how we prepare for tomorrow. 

Everyday I am alive I am determined to Win, I am a fighter. Today is not a day to fight though, today is a day where it’s gonna be alright. Its a day when we are gonna help the world be a little better. We not I. Because we are stronger together. We can and will, we will help others where we can. Why because we can, we can #makeitright I would love to hear how that worked out for you. Sometimes all it takes is to hold out your hand and say “let’s start again” 

Yesterday I picked up Trevor a day I had been looking forward to for some time, on the way back there was a guy behind that was a bit to close. Anyway he agrivated me, so on leaving a junction i blipped the throttle which created pressure in the water system bursting a pipe. The guy overtook me turned around and asked if he could bring any tools. He went brought me what I needed and I was able to go home.  That guy made it alright, it’s amazing what effect you can have on someone’s day if you want to. 

Remember how the car looked in yesterday’s blog to how it looks now. It took effort, it took patience. Now it looks alright, not as bad as it looked like it would be. But you know those wires are still there, but now they are doing a job. 

Have a great day making things right.