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When I think about how I got to where I am, I am not quite sure how this party animal ended up here, As the picture suggests I am not unhappy about where we have ended up. All my blogs are about really is to help people (you) think outside of the box. (So to speak) not looking at what’s straight in front of you but looking a little further than you might have looked before. Less and less people read them so today I am going to learn how and where to put them. Because I am only using facebook and Twitter at the moment. I am gonna find some new avenues to exsplore today. Please feel free to share what has worked for others with me.

When I travelled across Australia, the only plans I had were to go from west (Perth) Australia to Brisbane on the north east coast. I had no idea how that would work out or who I would meet, but some memories I have are so well used you would think that they would be worn by now. Not so my memory works perfectly well, when thinking as far back as that. It’s things like remembering why I came in the kitchen that I struggle with, why have I got this knife in my hand that I struggle with. So I just stay away from sharps at the moment, you would be driving across the desert one moment. Then find yourself sat by a fire singing Kum by yar round a camp fire in the middle of the desert. When I say the middle I am not exaggerating. People from all over the world hooked up with us, a girl in her 40’s on a Harley, some hippies in an old vw camper. A guy who was in a 4×4 who had gone all the way round Australia, and somehow found himself with me for many many weeks.



 We did alsorts together, but one thing we never did is do what we wanted for ourselves it was always with each other in mind. Always looking out for the other person. I remember meeting a guy called Dan who lived in Hereford. He had left the police force to go travelling. I think we met in a back packers but sadly I have no contact anymore. He was meant to be there when he was though right. We went to manly beach, Adalaide. Many other places in Sydney too. How amazing if he read this blog and we got back in touch. 

You see the decisions you make are yours, you parents can try to advise you on their exsperiences but at the end of the day it comes down to you. No one else, you. Your decisions are not wrong but they define who you are, if you heart is pure and you have good intentions it will always take you to a place, but maybe it’s not where you intended. But maybe just maybe, God wanted you there. 

I believe everything happens for a reason, even getting Cancer twice. I am sure there is a reason for that to. I mean you would not be reading this if I had not had a bone marrow transplant that’s a fact. 

Happy Monday everyone.