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Morning,  how are you today? I hope very well, there will be many that are not very well however. There will be many facing a challenge today. Maybe even something allot bigger than I can imagine. One thing I have learnt, and I learnt off my brother not Cancer. Is that moving forwards is the most important. See every day it’s our choice to get up and move forwards. It’s our choice if we let the circumstances get the better of us. It’s strange as I am getting older, the distance I move forwards is nowhere near as far as it was when I was in my 20’s and full of zeal. But I am also finding I am not having to pay for the mistakes I made rushing around trying to do things quicker. My brother taught me an important lesson, although I am not so sure he has listened to his own advice. 

This picture really touched me yesterday, because how far are we all from this really. A sentence, a salary. It is but for the grace of God that we have today. Everything can be taken from us in an instant. A fall that renders us incapable of working, something so simple like loosing your footing can change the whole direction your life is heading in. So for me it’s about being grateful for what we do have, not rushing to get the next thing. It’s about enjoying what we have worked so hard to achieve. Being grateful for what we have, and not straining at the leash to GET more. Rather to rest and enjoy what we are given today, whilst still moving forwards.

Have you ever wondered what direction your life would have gone if you had just said 1 sentence to 1 person. I have, but in a different way. What would have happened if I had not spoken to my Andie on that day nearly 11 years ago. I became we, but 11 years ago it was all about I, now it’s about we because we is so much stronger than I. 

In your life as long as you are moving forwards and doing your best, who can ask for more than that. You must never give up, because as I keep saying every time the sun rises is a new opertunity to have a new start. Today is what matters, and what you do in today matters.  You can’t change yesterday, but you can sure change what happens today. It’s your choice to make, what will you choose, I know what I am choosing, your reading it, but I just want to end with some mum humour and give you another instalment of the faith diaries. 

On the day I received this card I was on my 5th day of chemo in isolation at royal LIVERPOOL hospital. 
Dear Dad and Mum, Wuff! 

I must say Dad, your holiday is going on a bit. However, I have had it carefully explained to me by Grandad that you at coming back soon. I am being good for you Dad. Only thing is, my memory is getting shorter! We come back from our walks with one less ball a day which makes Grandad a bit moody. Grandma says it’s my hormones that make me forgetful. What are hormones?? 
My favourite place to run is in the long grass. Yesterday I found and fondled 3 dead rabbits which made Grandma  a bit and flap her arms. I had to walk away…not worth the agro! 
Did I tell you I have learned to play snout ball? It can be played in the garden with a ball just too big for my mouth. I sit and the ball is thrown, and I hit it back with my nose for Grandma to catch. This happens many times and we are both really good at it!
I have sent you a picture of me with another dog. I don’t recognise her but my memory is bad! I think the ball must be mine though, and it must be Wales where we went on holiday!?! It was fun that wasn’t it? I especially liked going on the kayak with you and Mum, and playing with Coco, my fatty friend. 
I am going to lie on my new bed now. The grandparents put my bed in the garage cos Grandma said it made her wheeze! Grandad also said rudely that it stank! I’ve got used to my new bed and I can have the old one which smells so lovely when I go home! 

Love Faith xx

Have a great day