Good morning, although this blog will only just go out in the am due to my body needing so much sleep last night. The more I do the more I sleep, and I am not talking walking we are just talking menial tasks that seem to tire me out beyond comprehension. 

So Lions, personally I would watch a wild life programme on Lions over most things. What I love about a Lion is their strength and power. But what I love most is their ability to be gentle with each other. I love to see people with quite obvious strength, using their sensitivity and intelligence as apposed to the power and strength they have in their arm.  

 This picture says it all to me, a huge power house of a Lion with his paws around his cub. It’s a picture I can look at, and I get allot out of seeing animals showing affection for each other.  As men we seem to shy away from public displays of affection, although I don’t care a jot what anyone may think these days. 

Lions protect, they have a way of encouraging their young even if we do see things differently to these massive, wild cats have a heart of Gold. But not to be messed with. They use the surroundings to the best if their abilities and maximise food sources for the prides best. However when you delve deeper into the mentality of a Lion we find that similar to humans there can be to many bosses in a pride. It’s preferable to have one head of the pride.

A Lion walks with purpose, but also works well in a team. There are allot of lessons that we as humans can learn from a Lion.  Working with each other is far better than working against each other. It goes back to a bible verse that has come into my mind.

Where there is unity God COMMANDS a blessing ps 133v1 

  When two people decide to make a life together, there is unity. Often shown by marriage. This is a picture of 2 brothers who quite obviously care about each other. They are not weary of each other they just accept each other for who they are.
Many times throughout my life I have wanted to change someone, whilst now I see this as wrong what’s right. Well I think acceptance is the key. Accepting who each other is I think is very important, when you just accept someone there is now nothing in the way. Only your decision to accept that person for who they are. It’s only in this acceptance do we get release from ourselves. Yes ourselves, because demands placed by us, on someone else to be different is our demand which puts us under pressure. The other person will be blissfully unaware whilst you have yourself under pressure. 


Be who you are, love who you are, and love who you and others have become. Whilst understanding we can be so much more than we have become.