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Good morning, I hope  you slept well. What on my mind today, well success.  I guess some people look at what you have to see how successful we are. Is that the right measure though?  Is it? I mean you see someone in a range rover. I always wonder how much that costs a month. It’s about how you are perceived by others, that’s how it should be measured. How others see you, not how big your bank balance is. When I started doing this blog properly I was in hospital, when you go in there, you have nothing. No jewlery, no watch. It’s just you really nothing more. It’s just you, no gimmicks no add ons just you. 

It was interesting seeing how people saw me, because it didn’t change. They way people were towards me, or how I was towards them. There was no Change at all, why? Well I believe that’s all about my attitude to the situation. Not people’s attitude towards me. See people feed off of you, they look to you to see how to respond to you. They actually want you to tell them how to respond. We all tell each other how to respond by our body language or how we hold ourselves, or our tone of voice. Dependant on if the person can see you or not. I always try to respond with an upbeat tone, which actually means people are more inclined to ask how you are. I guess that’s because you are more likely to say “yea good” or “great how are you” 

My measure of success is not in things, or how I am perceived. For me it’s about making someone smile, making their day better in some way even if that’s just a smile, because to make someone smile is priceless. Because they chose to do that because of how you are. You just changed the direction of someone’s day because you made them smile. What a gift, how special that someone enjoyed your words enough to make them smile. They enjoyed looking at you enough to make them smile.  It’s what I desire to see in everyone I meet, it’s a need to see or hear a smile.

  If someone smiles with you, I believe they respect you.
Let’s take Lewis Hamilton as an example. Recently I have been very impressed with the man not the racing driver. How Lewis has smiled at the interviewer, and not taken on the subject they want to speak of. He has smiled through it and redirected the media to where he wants them to be. He is quite obviously a very intelligent man. Those that look at the bling are also being misdirected, it’s all part of the clever use of how we as people perceive others. lewis knows that people measure success by things, but he also know what’s really important. That combination would make anyone a winner. 

In the picture above, I was facing losing my life, I am sure you can see the concern in my face, but yet I still smile. Why? Because winners smile but successful people make others smile.

There is nothing like it in the world to touch someone’s heart that they have to smile. Money can’t buy that, only you could have made that happen at that moment. So you see, the measure of a man is not what you have. But how you can affect someone’s life in a good way.  

 A smile from someone else to you is priceless.