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Morning, I wonder how you are today. I was just thinking, I wonder why we would remember yesterday. Why would I personally want to remember yesterday. I mean I know more than I did yesterday, I am a better person than I was yesterday. I am older than I was, and wiser than I was. Everything is past tense, so why remember it, why do we as humans want to drag up our sometimes painful past, is there a point in that. I mean a real tangerble reason for us to do that? What’s positive about it, well I want to explore that.

For me, yesterday’s problems should stay there, there is only one reason for me to look back and that is to remind myself of a lesson that I once learnt to improve my day today. 

 i look back to see how far i have come. 
If my thoughts make today worse I tend to try and stop that thought process at once. As far as I can see there is no reason what so ever to recall something negative, what’s the point in a conversation that is not positive, and does not positively effect people’s lives. I mean we can all have fun, but does it need to be poking fun at someone. 

It’s just about learning today to make tomorrow a better day. You can be a better person tomorrow, but WILL you choose to be. 

I guess there are some victims on the planet that are happy to be sad, I once heard a story (I don’t know it to be fact) that a minister said to a disabled person, “do you want to be healed” the person responded by saying “no”  because they did not want to lose the benifit they get. Not thinking that the disability has stopped the person could have been a blessing to others for so very long. We can all hold on to that, which slows us down. Or we cand stand and move forwards to a better day leaving yesterday behind. It does not matter what you did yesterday, it matters what you chose to do today.