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Good morning, I want to take a look at what makes you a winner. Yes you, not someone else you, the person that’s in control of your destiny. You CAN achieve anything you want to, you can actually achieve more than you will ever know you can. People love you and you don’t notice, people give to you and you exspect it. Everything people do for you is from the heart, people care about you so much. You just need to open your eyes, the more you do for others the more they do for you. What I have realised whilst doing this blog, is that there is no point expecting people to share what you have done. No one will share the same passions you do, they have their own beliefs not yours. It’s up to us to take an interest in what they are doing, if you do this they will want to do something for you. 

So many people I see judging people as opposed to accepting people. The so called religion they want you to follow is swamped by people that want to judge you as opposed to love you. Well if you believe the last statement then you don’t know real people that love a real God. The people you know are people that believe words and are not alive in truth.

Is God really a God that has given us a life and wants us to give up all we have available to us. Well it’s you I want to talk about and how God sees you is most certainly more amazing than your opinion of yourself will ever be. YOU are the most amazing person on the planet. YOU have an opportunity that no one else has, but rest assured if you don’t take that opertunity someone else will. 

You are beutiful your unique, your the only person that looks like you. I would dearly love to be perfect, and be able to say I have Made no mistakes.  That’s not true, if it’s true in your world I respect you, for no other reason than I have never met a perfect person before.

You are however the key to opening someone’s eyes. Your the antidote someone needs, your the medicine that will encourage someone. You CAN. All you have to say is that one word. Because you CAN that does not mean that it is a fact that’s about to happen. You have to say the word. 

I remember a moment with one of my friends, he stood up purposefully flinging his chair backwards. He then made the choice to leave and three of us followed. I hope you have the strength within to make your stand for what ever it is you believe in. 

I say I WILL, Will you?

Be the winner you are.


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