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Good morning, I don’t know if I have done a blog on this subject. But this is what today’s is called. It’s something we as humans need. It’s required for us to function . I am going to ask you a question now. When was the last time that you told the people you love that you actually do Love them. I am sure some men find it all weird when we say those words. “I love you” I have never had a problem with saying those words myself. But meaning them now that’s a different story. 

Today is Sunday, a day of worship some say. Some say it’s important to go to church today because it’s Sunday. Some say we should go to a place of worship on a Saturday. Does it matter really, does it really matter what day we goto church. Does it matter if indeed we go to church, will we get punished. Myself I don’t think it matters, what I think matters is how you are to your fellow man. A church will teach younger people that love and respect is a good thing, that respecting those older is important. Now there is nothing wrong with any of that right.

Love is a gift that we choose to give to each other, from one person to another. It’s a priceless gift, yet it costs nothing. Does it matter what race, creed or colour so one is, not to me. But it still matters how those people treat others, it still matters that they are loved as well. Personally I love to do things that show love to others, giving not taking. It does not need to be big, like a dog guard for the car, it can be something simple, like picking up a paint brush and helping. The action does not matter as long as it’s to make the other person feel better, and make the other person feel like they are special. 

It’s comes down to you again doesn’t it, you are in control of this.. How you love your wife, husband, children, parents, brother, sister, or a friend. It’s your choice how you make them feel, it’s your choice what you do to make them feel loved. I know how a simple drawing, a painting. I know how much love and energy those little girls gave to me by showing me love! by doing those simple things for me. What’s amazing is you can’t see what you have done, when you show someone love. But one thing I do know, that is that, even after you have shown that person, and given love to that person. It stays with them even after you have left where they are. 

To Love can be a hard thing to do, it involves humility. It involves vunrability, and the willingness to put yourself open to be hurt. It’s about doing and being the best we can be. If we are the best we can be no one can ask more than that. I love the moment when you choose to love someone, and you see their eyes light up. You just can’t exsplain the energy that gives. It’s like an internal cleanse that makes you feel amazing. 

Choose love today, choose to make someone’s day allot better than without you in it.