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How are you today, just living another day. Taking the kids to school, off to work? Maybe you have a day off. Maybe your healthy maybe your not. Maybe your happy maybe your not. But one thing I hope for you and that is that your Cancer free. That you are able to live a full life, a life where you can give to your kids in full health, love those that love you to the best of your ability not held back by disease or inflictions. Many times I have watched the Cancer add where they ask for £2 a week for Cancer research. I choke up every time it comes on knowing that Cancer research has saved my life. The sad reality is that many people have died with what I have (or had) there are many people with life changing problems that have changed their lives, I am most definitely not the only one. Who knows why some get Cancer and others don’t. Who knows why I had it twice and some other people don’t get it at all. But then there is always someone far worse off than I or you will ever be.

 It came to me whilst sat here, that there is someone else in the room I was in, isolated from the world with the view that I had. I cried audibly for the person that’s in there right now. Memories of how it felt to be in there came back clear as day. The people that called me whilst in there, helping that moment to be better came to my mind. The people that thought about me, about how I was feeling as apposed to what they are faced with. Honourable, kind, giving people. People that are selfless and considerate. People are amazing and you don’t know how amazing until you are outside of your comfort zone. Only when you go into a place your uncomfortable with, or that you are not familiar with do you really find out your substance. What your really made of. Do you know what your made of? Do you know yourself, I mean really know you?

Life can be so much more than we have or are. I should be dead, that is a fact. That’s why I write to you everyday, encouraging you to be more than what you have become. Because you are. I remember watching the film with that line in for the first time “the Lion king”  it took a long time for me to become more than I had become. To be honest it happens everyday that I become more than I had become yesterday.