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Hi guys, how are you today? it’s a running joke amongst my friends. A sentence I often say, because your not allowed to do something or eat something. “It’s just something else Cancer has taken from me”  I used to have a jaguar Xjr outside my house. An absolute beast, my wife always wanted me to get rid of the car that did 4mpg. I eventually gave in when my mobility became compromised and the driveway started to become brown instead of the blue granite chip I had put down. When it left and I was asked how I felt. My reply was “it’s just something else Cancer has taken from me”  

 it’s somewhere in Coventry now. 

Another major thing I had to give up, was blue cheeses. Man I love the stuff, like runny boiled eggs, and runny fried eggs. What u say in the US.. Over easy?? These were just a couple of things. Rare meat, biscuits that had been opened a day previous. Fruit that was not seemingly taken straight from the tree. If you did have fruit it needed to be washed well. Same as now, nothing has changed, no bbqs, no driving. Just basically life is not your own you have to submit to Cancer and let it run your life. If you don’t then it WILL win. You have to accept you are weaker than you were before, accept that you are now under medical care. Accept that your body is now being used by the medical profession to help you prolong your life. 

Really, did I do any of this. Of course I did whilst thinking I would like to help others by keeping a record of how I felt daily. When I decided to do a daily blog, I just hoped 1 person a day would read it, but hoped it would help them. Still not many people read them but I do get some positive feed back. You can find all I have written since preparing for isolation at 


  Maybe you can’t relate to anything I say, but your not meant to. Your supposed to think about your own life and how your path has taken you to reading this blog. Why we are connected through a few words. Is it fate, is it just how our God has connected us. What ever the reason it’s a reality. What I dearly love doing daily, is making a differance. Hoping that somewhere someone would be able to put these words into thier own life and make it better. That somehow the crap we have faced is for a reason and not just a stumbling block. 

I don’t believe anything is there to trip us up, it’s there to make us look and take notice. To help us decide what route to take. To look and go “well hey that won’t happen again” 

That’s what I said the first time I got Cancer, but when I got it again I just realised the journey is supposed to be for others too. That’s when I decided to set up Cancer stories ( friends ) we all have a story, fight, or a battle. It’s called life. But what’s the point in not using our exsperiences to help others right?


I have learnt to love my life, even with Cancer in it. I have learnt to love the people that have chosen to stay in it even though I was riddled with Cancer. I have also chosen to give when you feel you can’t, to be positive when life is so very very hard. 

What will you choose?


http://www.fonzandcancer.com if you can’t find my blog, you can get the latest 1 at 6 am gmt daily at Fonzandcancer.com