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You never thought about how much things have changed in the last 30 years. I mean 30 years ago a diary were private, under lock and key even. My sister would never let us read her diary. My how things have changed, from not being able to read a diary, to people unhappy if what they write is not read. It’s all about the stats these days, so what happened to us. Why such a drastic change, has the www. Generation changed our personalities and created different people. Well as always here is my take on it. 

 Generally people don’t like family reading our personal thoughts (this was the case for me) but why. Surly family are the people we should trust more than anyone else, surly being vulnerable to your family is a good thing. Maybe it is, and if I had children it would be a very open house. 

People seem to want their most private thoughts to be made available to the world using media, like face pig, twit accounts, it’s amazing how much we have changed. But is it us that has changed or the method. See I think it’s easier to be open with someone that does not know you. It’s easier to be honest, because you won’t be judged. Or maybe if you are it does not matter because you can just unfollow them or unfriend them. We can’t unfriend family. Because family is family, I am talking brothers sisters, and mums n dads. These are the people you can rely on, people that know us inside out. They know us more than the partner they have. That is until they have their own children. 


 Social – media. It’s exactly what it says on the tin isn’t it. Social… Media. It’s a place where we can be who we want, create an avatar and be someone different. I however use it for honesty, to tell people how it is for me and introduce new ideas into people’s lives. To learn myself, be guided by others moments. Maybe a new way of thinking about someone, a new way of thinking Yourself maybe. All the same it’s about sharing what we learn in life.. 

Mines been quite colourful, from being expelled from school, rehabilitation in my 20’s to experiencing what it’s like to know and love someone involved in a bomb blast. My exsperiences are real, not manufactured in anyway. Not fiction, just real reality. Sad, happy, lovely, and loving moments all shared with you. 

I want you to know how it feels. I want you to know what I felt. I want you to know what it takes to be a winner, I want you to know that success is just around the corner. I want you to know love exsists, I want you to know in your heart God loves you, he does not want to change you. He wants you to learn so you improve who you are. All my life I did not know what Gods grace was, God was a God of judgment and discipline. I have taught my dog with praise not by telling her off. I have encouraged her to be a better dog. Isn’t that why we share, isn’t that what we want for others. To be encouraged to be better people, that others would hear of our mistakes so they don’t have to make them. Are we not a caring nation?   

So there you have it, social media for me is about sharing experiences. We could not do that with our locked diaries, even though we can stop some from reading what we put. There is some control, but it’s a great thing used in the right way. I WILL NOT waste my time judging, or getting involved in negative chat, I want to hear others opinions, I want to know what makes others tick, so maybe I can learn to be a better person. 

Giving others love and encouragement is priceless. What do you think? 


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