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There is one thing I love to do in life, but it’s not pleasant. Falling down I love it, it hurts and sometimes hurts for a little while. But have you ever thought about where you end up after you have fallen over. Ok here’s my thoughts for today. 

  Nobody likes to look silly, or fall over in front of people. I remember once picking up my watch and waiting for a friend who saw coming towards me. So I ran to meet him at the lights in the middle of the day with shoppers everywhere. What did I do I tripped at full pelt, (I had put my watch on by this point) putting my hands forwards. Down the path sliding on the metal bracelet of my watch, that my wife bought me for our engagement. I was so embarrassed, I just got straight back up and got in the van. I was cut and I had to go back to the watch shop.
  There is a lesson to be learnt every time we fall over,  every time we make a mistake there is something positive to take from it. I spend my life trying to get something positive from every situation. My cups half full you might say, or I focus on the things that matter in life as opposed to the worldly patheticness that we get entwined in sometimes. Things like, the reason I got married, not why did you forget the milk. Life’s so precious, and I tell you the older you get the more precious it gets. Life can change in an instant, but goodness can be found everywhere if we look. But the trick is we have to be willing to look.

  You see when you fall over where do you end up, when you stand back up?

Further ahead, you have actually “moved on” now I don’t know if that’s where the term comes from but it sure would make sense. The fact remains though that when we get back up we are further on than we were, or in a different place than we were. That depends how it fits into your life.

Now all you have to do is decide what you will do the next time you fall.

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