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Wow, have you read the Johnny passion. What drove a man who had seemingly lost all hope for but a few seconds. Brands hatch F3000 1988 looks like he has lost his legs, Johnny looked through the whole at the front of the car. Fleeting thoughts that he may have lost his legs. Then seeing his feet still attached to his legs, then believing that racing was still a possibility.  That’s called courage, and belief.

I am sure many of us can relate Johnny Herbert’s fight to our own lives, but what did you do. Did you give up or dig in? Unfortunately it takes me back to a very hard time in my life, where a battle commenced. Although I was not the one who had to over come the physical injuries but to support, the person who’s situation seemed so hopeless.

To encourage, to believe that although the person in questions leg was hanging off we had to trust that she would walk again.  The omagh bomb a time that I have spoken about in my book, but as it’s not even published yet I won’t expand to much. But I will say it was a similar situation, caused by evil men that ruined many many people’s lives. We all have situations where we get tested to the maximum. This is the video of johnnys accident, just to try and bring your day a little balance. 

It’s the ethos though, the comparison to our own life I am sure you know. It’s not nessasaraly a body part but maybe a moment in your life that changes you. Makes you believe in you more than you did, have to dig in and move forwards no matter what is thrown at you. This is what I try to explain every day the winning spirit,  winning is not always a trophy or something tangable.  It is with in you, the will to carry on. To be a winner and not an excuse person. It takes grit, commitment. It takes relentlessness, tanacity and a spirit that only winners have.

Johnny got into a Benneton F1 car years later and scored points in his first race. This was Johnny in 1995 winning the British Grand Prix. An amazing feat after all that Johnny had faced 7 years previous. I respect anyone that can stand in the face of adversity. Then move forwards, it’s all about moving forwards and holding your head up knowing that you have done your best to be your best. My spelling was horrendous when I first started blogging, I am better now I am sure.

Most of you know I have been fighting cancer for 7 yrs, not something man has done to me. By his Evil, nor a terrible accident. What I have is a fight anyone of us could have, or have had.

How would you deal with it? It’s about faith for me, believing that the strength God has given me is more than enough to sustain me. It’s not possible that there is not someone more powerful than us out there looking after us. Is there? I just can’t see how such beautiful people can just evolve. We are amazing and I believe the only restriction is us. You are your worst enemy, or your greatest adversary; it’s your choice.

But I choose to have faith and undertake the Johnny Herbert attitude and believe i will race again. 

What’s your choice?