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Hi guys, have you ever stopped to wonder. No I mean really wonder, how amazing life is. I mean, seriously, It’s amazing. I remember going into have a check done to see how my heart was working. I was asked to ley on my left side and they put some slippery stuff on me (Gel), so I could have an ultra sound on my heart. Wow, how awesome to look at the screen and see your heart pumping like it does. It blew me away just seeing that one organ doing its work to move my blood around my veins. Meanwhile the lungs are supplying the blood with oxygen, whilst many others process food for energy and help us grow. Ok so some points in our life we grow in areas we don’t want to, but our bodies are still amazing things. 

  Myself, when I think of the opportunity I have had for a fresh start. To rid myself of cancer and move forwards without it. I am filled with gratitude that I was able to have the treatment I have had. Now I am not saying that the journey was easy. Far from it, but surly if we put our feet in front of the other one we make some progress. That’s what we have done for the last 4 and a bit years. Taken each day as it comes and looked forwards to each morning. Looking forwards to hearing the birds, the wind on my face, the fish in my stream. Every day is a gift, everyday is a new start where we can receive forgiveness and start again.
  We are loved, whole heartedly, we are compassionately cherished even on the days we don’t feel like we are. God loves us. It’s unconditional, it’s real and God is faithful. 
I am so passionate about reaching out to others, to help them believe that they have the strength within them to beat cancer. To still stand, to continue to move forwards, to maintain focus. For me, whilst never ever asking why me, it’s a case of appreciating that not only do we have a life, but that we have lived the years we have lived. 

When was the last time you got your photos out and remembered the things you did when you were younger. When did you last open a bottle of wine and laugh together at your past instead of remembering the bad things. My mum and dad are really good at reminding us of the good times, my mum was great at making times that we would remember right up until I was 46 (I am 46 now) I hope and pray that me and my wife can be a blessing to others in the future. So many cliches are running through my head right now, but.

 To be happy in a life, is better than to regret a life.

  Every day I want to be a better person, and every day I am shown something new. Why? Because I am willing to accept something new, to accept new ideas. Not believing that mine are the best and only ones. Those that are willing WILL achieve, but from what I have learnt in my life, nothing and no one comes along and gifts you anything. Except love, love is everywhere, in everything, and in everyone. We were created with love, so why would that not be true. It’s down to us what we give to others, 

It’s our life to live, and our love to give.