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Hi all, seems the audience is becoming stronger. So I had better be careful what I write… Really…? No don’t think so! But I am really happy people seem to get something out of reading these blogs everyday. We learn as life goes on, I am not sure if we all learn the same lessons. So I will share one I learnt about sweeter. I always say “you can never know the sweet, without the sour.” It’s the difference in the tastes that makes sweet taste better. If we had never known just how sour, sour is. Then how can we possibly know how sweet really is.

A sour in my life was without doubt isolation at Liverpool royal hospital. A very dark place, a place where I feel sick to even to remember how horrible it was. It is good for me to remember how it was, how sour that experience was. It’s now my measure against how good things that are better than that room are. 

 What has happened to me, is I actually tolerate things that really used to wind me up before. Things I greatly disliked are not really an issue anymore. If I had not had the experience, I would not know how bad life could get, how harsh life can be to a family. That’s just it though isn’t it, your family and friends ideas change to. It affects everyone connected with your journey because it’s their journey to. 

We don’t know who’s life we touch, but I do know it’s important to be honest and allow what you learn to be learnt by someone else to. You will never learn my lesson, but you may learn your own because of my experience . 

I am sat in my garden right now, I can feel the sun on my face, my dog by my side of course waiting for me to throw the ball. I have David Guetta playing. Things I imagined doing again in the darkness of L1 and am doing. The sweet things in life which is what sitting in the garden is, is oh sooo much sweeter now. Why because I am using negative things and making them positive. They are your choices to make to.