Being so dark makes things seem possible again. 
happy Saturday to you. I have a friend you know, he has quite a large place. I often wonder if he can still see the daylight in the distance and how much later than me he can see it for. Of course I can go down to the estuary and watch the sun disappear there if I want. I say it’s only when the sun has gone down can you see a sunrise.

I remember being in the desert, the nulabor in Australia. Oh my word, darkness truly was darkness out there. Absolute pitch black under cloud cover. It never happens in towns or villages as the light is always reflected off of the clouds. It makes for a real spectical. The stars look like they have been painted there by the master painter. You stare in awe. Star with an e… Yes you stare in wonder at the stars above, they just look so amazing. There is no way that we can have this much beauty by accident. That was just one of the many amazing things I noticed whilst travelling Australia in my long, boat of a tango car. It was my dream to live out there, but it never happened so I guess I wanted to be with my now wife more.

There are so many uncertain things in life, employment, mortgage rates. But you can always expect light and darkness. They are both dependable, and have their uses in the whole solar system in which we live. I know once that sun has gone down there will be another day and hope I will be in it. But the one certain thing is there will be day after night. 
Some people even say night after day, but why. Why does it matter which way round it’s said. Or maybe it depends on your attitude as to the way round you say it. We can all choose to be an optimist or a pessimist. Glass half full or glass half empty. My glass is most definitely half full. Although sad to say, far from perfect. 

I hope you have a fabulous weekend and that you get to enjoy some of it where ever you are. When the darkness comes, remember the gift we will all get when we wake up, a brand new day.