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How are you today?

Muddy glasses, well I guess it’s a bit like you can’t see the wood for the trees. Life can get a bit full sometimes and we just go with what we are used to. What we have been doing for years. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it right? Wrong… Sometimes we need to do a little maintainance to make sure nothing does break so we don’t end up repairing it. (service)
These are my opinions based on my experience. Sometimes we just need to inspect our glasses to see if they are working at optimum level. Sometimes we just have to clean them anyway, take a stock take of your life or even how things are between you and the ones you love. Making sure you’re doing enough to keep your relationship on track or even just a health check of how you both see things.

Cancer causes us to take a different route, to go down a road we did not have in our thoughts. A road that was not factored into the route we were on. None of it is anyone’s fault, it’s just the route we have to take. We can’t change what we are given. What we can do though is make the best of the worst we have. When we do this, making the best of the worst we have, we find ourselves really enjoying the things we love to do. 
Always remember Cancer is not your fault. It’s not a punishment or a consequence. It’s called “Life” oh yeah I know how rough life can be. But it’s how we deal with it, how we live with it, that makes us the people we are. Yes cancer has changed your life, but one thing I realise is. It has not changed who I am, just the ability to be able to do allot of things. The parameters I have to operate in have changed that’s all, my brother said this to me the first time I had cancer. “We allow visits from cancer, but it’s not allowed to stay” such a positive statement in a negative situation. 

Remember to, that your friends and family struggle to know what to say to you to. It’s not their fault either, and the route was not factored into their game plan either. Some people become more compassionate, some distant. They all have reasons, but I bet you if you asked them what the reasons were. They would have no clue what so ever. Little info here. http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/cancer/Pages/life-after-cancer.aspx
Oh and if you need a chat there is a support group called cancer stories (friends) 


Don’t forget to clean your glasses.