It’s not what you were. It’s who you are now that matters. How many times growing up did you think to yourself, that you should have done it differently. You ever thought, just turn around and say it. Then it’s to late, ever wondered how the path of your life would be changed because of a simple left or right turn. You ever thought. Yea but I could have gone the other way, but u didn’t. You always were going to choose what you did. You were always going to make that choice, you were always supposed to read this. Your life panned out the way you wanted it to. 

You know more than you ever did right now, you are a fuller person today than you ever were. You can do, or be who ever you want to be, they are all your choices with what you have been given, or left with. No one ever said Life would be fair, painless, or easy. 

Life is the hardest thing I have faced in my life. Yet the most satisfying this week I want to talk to you and encourage you. To be the very best of you, not the best of your worst. The best of who you are, not allowing second place to have a home. Because only the best of you is what someone deserves. It’s better to have something than a handful of nothing. I want to help you to see what is the best of you A you that you are happier with than you were, a you spurred on to be better.

You can never truly enjoy something unless you have had to work for the money to pay for it. It helps us value things we have worked for. I believe the thing we value most in life is not a thing, well I know because of some of the challenges we have faced. What ever is inside us is felt by others.

Be you.