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IMorning, how are you today? How we ended yesterday talking about others feeling what’s inside us. I want to cast your mind back to an early memory, the earliest that you can recal, a moment where you felt what the person who was talking to you. Expressed what they were saying and you felt it. It’s a natural skill and we all had it when we were kids. But we were taught to live the way we were taught, which made us selfish, it made us greedy, and self opinionated. When you meet a small child (baby even) they suss you out in seconds. They are the best judge of character on the planet. They know who’s bad and who’s good, they can just pick up your intentions by the way you are with them. Because they have not been taught what’s bad, but they know what’s good. So they. Cry when they don’t understand and smile when they like us.

It’s the same with us, only we are not so innocent as we grow older, we are diluted by the world. We have to work out, what someone’s smile is. We become suspicious and thoughts run through our minds like. – what do they want, or what’s in his mind.. Etc why can’t we just smile back.. I love it when someone smiles bk at me, it gives me such a warmth when it’s meant. It makes my day and sets me up. 

It’s a pleasure I have but in a fleeting moment most days. It’s like the smile my wife gives me, that just says everything. It’s special in different ways. But non the less they are things that give me the greatest pleasure. I found that when my wife wants something, I might as well just get it for her. It will make her life easier, and mine quieter.

I have found in short that, giving is so much more rewarding than taking. The pleasure is in the giving, not the taking. When I give things away, rather than taking a small amount of money. It makes me feel nice, because I wanted to do that. Giving can be our time, and can mean so very much to the person you have given to.