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So you do your best, Do you? Are you really happy that you have done your best, that you have done all you can to be the best of you? The whole point of the 5 parts of “who are you now” is so that you by the time you have reached part 5. That you yourself have found a better you, and what that takes to be that you thats better. 


Confidence, is not as bigger deal as some make it out to be. You see once you don’t care what others think, then why is confidence needed? Please let me know if u think I am wrong. The way I see it, it’s about you putting your feet in front of each other. If you don’t care what people think then it does not matter what someone may think of you. I love people that make an effort to achieve, I love it when I see someone get up and dust themselves down and start again. That breeds confidence, something we all need to achieve. Something we rely on more than you think we do. Let’s make it simple again, a chair. You sit on them without thinking. Yet you have the confidence that it will hold your weight. I need allot of faith to, as I tend to be quite heavy handed when I do anything. 

I make no opology for keep bringing up my transplant. But when I walked into it, I broke like a crayon and had to have confidence in the people that were going to administer the drugs. That they knew what they were doing, because I know I didn’t have a scooby do what was going on. I had to be confident that I would survive, that I was not going to die. Although it was a tough thing to do, I knew it had to be by the second. when you believe in someone like my wife believes in me. It breeds confidence. I believed I would do it because my wife believed in me, my family believed in me, my friends believed in me. Cancer stories believed in me. These people all gave me the confidence that I needed to do what I needed to. 

There were many times I wanted to throw in the towel, many times I wanted to walk away. But then I had to remember a face of someone that believed in me. Someone that helped me have confidence that I would win the fight,  the people that did that for me know darn well who they are. You are more than you have become, you are a better person than you were. I am to. See my wife is with me ” no matter what”  you can’t buy that kind of love. It breeds all sorts of things, confidence being one of them. You are a better person because of the people that are committed to you. Your amazing because of who believes in you.

The bottom line is though, that you have to believe in you. Because.

Always give your best, or just don’t bother. You don’t deserve second best, nor does anyone else.